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L3VEL3 Face Shield Protector

L3VEL3 Face Shield Protector

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  • Protects against hairspray, color sprays, hair fiber sprays, and more
  • Covers the face to prevent irritation to the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin
  • Lightweight material makes it easy to hold for longer periods
  • Foam tube handle ensures good grip, comfort, and durability
  • Slimline design for easy handling and storage plus sleek looks

Why It’s a Game-Changer
This simple-but-stellar hairspray face shield delivers insane protection against spray products. Hairsprays can be a real problem for some; they not only get literally everywhere, but they can also cause adverse reactions. The ingredients in hairsprays, spritzes, and spray powders can irritate the eyes, airways, and skin. Seriously, your client doesn’t want to tear up or break out in a rash; that’s not what he meant by “make me look sick”.

So, we’ve made this hairspray shield lightweight, so it’s easy and comfortable to hold up. Simply hand the shield to your client so he can cover his face while you spray. Product will pass over and around the shield, avoiding your client’s face to reduce the risk of irritation. It’s a more effective (and better looking) protective measure than hands or closed eyes. Your client will surely appreciate the extra level of comfort and service you’re providing.

The handle of this hairspray face guard is wrapped in soft, cushiony foam. This enhances the comfort factor while providing an easy-grip surface, even for wet hands. The foam also protects against breakage during use or storage. And speaking of storage, the shield’s slimline profile makes it easy to stack or rack up in a cupboard. As every barber knows, a cluttered shop is never a good look.

Sleek and stylish in black with white branding, our hairspray face cover will make your clients feel like VIPs. It’s an unassuming tool with big benefits that shows you care about client safety and satisfaction. Sometimes, it’s the little things that elevate the experience of getting a haircut at your barber shop.

Dimensions: 11.75” L (including handle) x 5.75” W

How to Use

  • Your client simply holds the shield in front of his face
  • You can then safely spray product on your client’s hair
  • Be sure to sanitize the face shield after each use
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